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This Project started in november 2018, but i joined the design team at april 2019.
We were about 4 product designers with multi product and design skills. On the the first and second week, of april 2019, we were doing a benchmark of concurrence. 
After all the benchmarking studies, we compilate on Miro, at the same time the bussiness area bring to us information about our target, and than we started to think about or first personas, based on our studies.
You can see some of our stuides below.

Imagem 2.png


User story map

So then, we start to interview our target to understand, and apply  design practics on the problems that they were having using the concurrence plataformas, and bring them a better experience using a financial app.

User Interface


After contribute and desinging  some partes of mobile app, i went to the web team. And there i developed a lot of skills, like get a basic know-how about flutter, html and css, with dev. team.
On web team, i focused on prototype the advisor app with another designer of the team, making the visual part, animations, layout, spec to the developers and design system.

Carteira 2 – 5.png
WhatsApp Image 2023-03-28 at 10.19.57.jpeg

The platform


This is the final version of the product before being purchased by Guide Investimentos (You can access the old website by clicking on the image). We built a landing page to welcome new users, explaining the different way of investing that the platform provided. After that, in January 2022, fintech was purchased and there was a visual overhaul of the platform.

The new sim;paul

Guide Investmens

Currently bought by Guide Investimentos, it changed its name and is among the main fintechs in Brazil. Access the website by clicking on the image.

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