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At VIA I was able to work in different teams, helping with various processes such as engagement, communication, onboarding, on/off experience.


Below you can read and understand the process that I consider the most relevant, which is the Biometrics feature, suggested in the Security and Privacy area of ​​the platform.

User flow - Unico_edited.jpg


Increasing platform logins

The study begins when the Onboarding team identifies a large number of users with problems resuming their login on VIA's platforms.A rate of approximately 25% of active users.

After understanding the problem, we tried to understand which access routes were experiencing greater friction in order to establish which one to act first and gradually minimize the problem without affecting other functionalities that were in production. First, we performed a SWOT analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses that we could improve (in the case of strengths) and soften and remake (in the case of weaknesses). After using the framework, we contacted the supplier to understand the technical limitations that the Biometrics API could have with the integration in our platform.

Design Process


We got in touch with the Business Analytics team, which provided us with a detailed view of the problem in numbers of accesses per device and weekly, monthly and annual expenses that the problem could generate.


Visualizing the problem in numbers we established that we used the conventional design process the "Double Diamond". Identifying that we were already in a Discovery process, we accentuated this step in creating forms and sending them out to users and identifying focus groups.

5fdfa5897bad8c25d5e83574_HMW worksheet.jpeg

Understand the user


Upon identifying that the problem was systemic and the user was unable to perform the task not because of a wrong flow but because the flowchart was disconnected, we set out for an affinity map and card soarting arriving at the "How migh we" questions.

So we decided that together with the supplier we would customize the API that would call the Biometrics service to be used in account recovery so that it could be customized for each flag that VIA manages, thus bringing a standard to the user regardless of which e-commerce he decided use to make purchases.

Solution to the problem


As a solution, we created a new user flow giving the possibility for the user to recover his account through the supplier's API, guaranteeing the security and privacy of information through a database, bringing credibility for the user to connect to the platform.

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-28 at 13.44.54.jpeg

We proceeded to build the low-fidelity prototype for the first tests, and with that we obtained important data for defining the high-fidelity prototype.


Build and test


For prototyping, we chose to use Figma because we already have a design system designed in this tool and also because it is a daily use tool at VIA. We also use plugins like STARK (for accessibility), VisualEyes (heatmap), etc, to have data generated during user tests.

We also refined the microinteractions and motion design during the process. The use of Skeleton to load data on the screen if the processor of the device that the user uses is not so fast. For the delivery of the project we made a handoff very close to the developers so that what had been prototyped would be the same in homologation and production.

Problem solved


With the launch of the new account recovery feature after 6 months of follow-up, we could observe that there was a decrease from 25% to only 8% of users who still had not managed to recover their accounts, and of these users 4% were inactive users.


We also noticed that we had an improvement in the budget, reducing expenses with this specific problem by 38%, seeking to reach the target of 50% by the end of 2023. We also identified that we could have calculated the ROI (Return on Investment) of the Design at the end of the process, but we did not carry out a final account of the effort/time spent in the process with the speed of the demand that we met.


If you want to see this feature in production, just download the app or access the Casas Bahia mobile website, register and access "Security and Privacy" in the "My Account" tab.


Thanks for reading.

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